Lemon wood spatula

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Our collection of lemon wood accessories is made entirely by hand. This wood has the particularity of not having any smell, and therefore of not flavouring your preparations. The utensils are hand-polished, which gives them a very pleasant smooth and soft touch. The natural yellow colour will naturally darken over time. A little tip: to maintain the wood and to limit the colouring when in contact with certain foods, do not hesitate to oil it with a food oil such as rapeseed oil, applied with an absorbent paper.

  • Made from lemon wood
  • Approximately 31cm long
  • We recommend washing all your wooden accessories by hand, and avoiding the dishwasher as much as possible to keep them intact for as long as possible.

This product has been made in Morocco by local craftsmen with whom we’ve been working for years. The perfect quality and fair remuneration of the craftsmen means that we can work with them on a long-term basis.

Wood Range

Woodworking is an ancient art, requiring strength and agility. Laurel wood and lemon wood are generally used for their robustness in use, but also because they are easy for craftsmen to turn. Doum, on the other hand, comes from dried and assembled palm leaves.

We work as closely as possible with the craftsmen to validate all our quality criteria, while respecting their precious work. Stools, benches, kitchen utensils… basics that we love to touch and look at.