This product can be withdrawn at the showroom in Bordeaux. If you wish to have it delivered, please contact us at +33 to evaluate the possible delivery costs.
  • Zellige top – traditional Moroccan tiles
  • The top is made up of pieces of zellige meticulously cut by our passionate craftsmen, so the surface is irregular and full of character. This discrepancy between the pieces is a guarantee of authentic, time-honoured expertise.
  • -Finish : Brass
  • Available dimensions: W.180cm x D.90 x H.75 cm (6 seats) // W.240cm x D.90 x H.75 cm (8 seats)
  • Colour of zellige to choose from our range (White / Green / Ochre / Navy / Bordeaux / Black) – Contact us at +33 6 73 26 59 80
  • Zellige pattern: Trapezium or Rectangle – Contact us at +33 6 73 26 59 80
  • Interior use only
  • Available in black iron for outdoor use
  • For delivery in France or Europe, please contact us for a quote.

The Bergamo is our first Dining Table model. Its thick structure confers character and uniqueness. The dimensions proposed here are standard but we also offer custom-made products. Entirely made in our ateliers in Marrakech, each table is unique, and bears the know-how of our craftsmen. The seductive irregularity of the Zellige is combined with a robust base to offer you a modern and authentic table.