Tamegroute Cup

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  • Made in Marrocco
  • Dimensions : Ø20 ; H : 12 cm
  • For indoor use only
  • Each piece is unique and handmade, so the colors vary, and irregularities may be present.

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This product has been made in Morocco by local craftsmen with whom we have been working for years. The perfect quality and fair remuneration of the craftsmen have ensured a lasting partnership.

Editions Vetiver’s DNA:

Éditions Vétiver lets the natural force of materials express itself by purifying the style of its creations.The simplicity of the volumes of our furniture allows it to keep secret a strength of character that will reveal itself once mixed with your interior. All of this is complemented by our ornamental elements, whose shapes and materials are imbued with their region of origin.

Our lines are designed around the practical and aesthetic need to dress up interiors, so their encounter with the intimacy of a space never fails to create new conversations.