Round coffee table in navy blue Zellige and brass finish, to be displayed on its own or as a nest.

  • Zellige top – traditional Moroccan tiles
  • The top is made up of pieces of zellige meticulously cut by our passionate craftsmen, so the surface is irregular and full of character. This discrepancy between the pieces is a guarantee of authentic, time-honoured expertise.
  • -Finish : Brass
  • Motif : Rectangle
  • Available height: 30cm (if you wish to order this table in 40cm height, please call us on

The Opus range of tables, emblematic of our brand, combines roundness, robustness and brilliance. Entirely made in our ateliers in Marrakech, each table is unique, and bears the know-how of our craftsmen. The seductive irregularity of the zellige is combined with a delicate base, resting on three blades. Two finishes are available, black iron or brass, so that you can choose the ideal combination that will best suit your interior.

Each piece is unique and handcrafted, so colours vary and irregularities may be present 

Dimensions: Ø120cm, 100, 60cm 

Tray in zellige – traditional Moroccan earthenware tiles from Fez 

Golden version: Iron structure covered with brass 

Black version: Iron, black powder coated paint 

Brass is a material that evolves with time, it is normal to see it develop a patina. A natural oxidation can sometimes appear during transport, it does not alter the product and is easy to clean – find all our maintenance advice in the section of the same name in our journal 

To protect your floor, be sure to lift your table when moving it 

For indoor use only 

The table top can be fixed to the leg with the screws included in the delivery 

You can find all our detailed maintenance tips on our dedicated “Maintenance tips” page 

This piece is handmade in Marrakech, in our own workshops, where our zellige workers and our ironworkers are working together. 

In perfect mastery of their art, they work together to give life to this table, which is striking for its refined simplicity and unique design. 


Timeless is one of the first words that come to mind when talking about zellige. Used for centuries in Morocco and made from clay, they are used here on our Opus table collection. We love the lightness of the leg, handmade in our workshops, and we love the ease that this collection finds its place in all interior styles.

Manufactured from A to Z by our craftsmen, in our workshops, this collection alone reveals the Éditions Vétiver style