Care tips

In order to keep its wool shiny, the carpet will require special care. Regular vacuuming will remove any dust that might be embedded in the carpet. We do not recommend walking on it too often with your shoes, as pollution and external dirt will "grey out" the carpet over time. If your carpet begins to lose some of its fibre, this is perfectly normal: this is due to the remains of the wool strands cut by the weavers.
In case of a stain: if you happen to spill a liquid, even if it is clear, soak it up as soon as possible with a paper towel until it is completely dry. N'hésitez pas à ajouter une serviette sous le tapis pour vous assurer quDo not hesitate to add a towel under the carpet to ensure that the underside is equally dry.
Afterwards, use the Starwax carpet cleaner (a dry foam cleaner, definitely the best on the market in our experience!) and then follow the instructions indicated on the product.
This product can also be used for annual maintenance: you spray, knead the wool well with Starwax, let it sit and vacuum it up! It's a nice freshening up for the spring!
Brass is a natural material that evolves with time. We have chosen to keep our brass unvarnished, as we are aware that some of our customers like to see it develop a patina over time. Therefore, to clean it and restore its shine, use a product: Mirror special brass (or Impecca brass), and with a soft cloth rub the surface without scratching it. This operation requires patience but is very efficient.
Be aware that you can also choose to varnish the brass, to prevent it from developing a patina over time: just remember to clean it properly before doing so and do not leave any traces, as these will then be sealed behind the varnish.
And keep the brass away from moisture, its worst enemy!
The "Keria" is an extremely resistant fabric, which can be washed in the washing machine at 60° without any problem, and without risk of shrinkage or alteration of the fabric.
If necessary, and if you have a high-quality machine, you can also wash the "Keria" at 90°.

We recommend dry cleaning for this delicate textile.
However, if you wish to clean your products at home, you can occasionally put them in the washing machine at 30° maximum, but the quality might be altered.
Do not hesitate to brush your velvet from time to time, using a very soft and clean shoe brush, to remove dust, or to use a stick-on roller.

Zellige is an easy living material and can be cleaned very well with white vinegar, which will leave a shiny surface.
We strongly recommend not using a window cleaner, as it will leave greasy marks that are difficult to remove.
As for the joints, the white ones can get dirty with time. Apply vinegar, and scrub gently with a clean brush. If necessary, you can re-whiten the grayed areas using white joint paste ( you can find tubes of ready-to-use paste in any DIY shop): simply run your finger over the joint with the product, remove the excess and leave to dry. This technique can also be used on black joints, by tinting the product applied
In order to nourish your leather and keep its smoothness, use a soft cloth and a special leather cream.
You can also replace the latter with a milk cleanser ( a good one if possible, and with as few chemicals as possible inside!).
In any case, don't hesitate to try the products on a small hidden part of the leather.
Do not use water, as this will stain your leather.
In case of stains, you can try to apply a special cleaning cream, in this case we do not guarantee the final result, please refer to the product applied.
We remind you that all our products are for indoor use only.
Walnut wood requires regular dusting, and can be treated regularly with "Polish Cadi", a product that you can easily find in any supermarket, and which will allow you to recover the shine of the walnut.
If you scratch the wood surface, do not hesitate to sand it lightly and then re-varnish it. You can also apply olive oil to soften micro-scratches.
Beware to never sand the edges, as this could deform your product.
Our walnut products are for indoor use only.
Dust your pottery regularly with a feather duster or soft cloth.
If you need to clean them further, don't hesitate to run them under water and brush them gently.
As baked clay is a porous material, do not apply any specific product, as this may stain the material.