Éditions Vétiver is a combination between craftsmanship traditions, materials,

Moroccan savoir-faire and a modern approach, a mix of pure and functional lines.


Founded in 2016 by Pauline, Éditions Vétiver is a furniture and decoration brand entirely produced in Morocco. A range built, worked and shaped by hand, in our atelier, in Marrakech.

Éditions Vétiver is first and foremost an obsession for materials and colours. Offering our customers unique pieces, marked by their strong, noble and durable origins. Raw materials selected to offer you a universe loyal to its origins, with natural and organic tones.

A conscious approach that puts our local artisans at the heart of the project. By limiting the number of intermediaries, we are able to guarantee the artisans a fair remuneration and offer unique products that are accessible in our shops.


Éditions Vétiver is the story of a need.

The need to write a project born from an admiration for Berber craftsmanship, stimulated by the enthusiasm and passion of those who supported it. It is about transfiguring my travels in Morocco, my discoveries within this rare and preserved universe.

Combining these exceptional professions, dispersed in the villages and the medinas, along with my ideas.

Mixing materials and functions. Adapting this traditional handcraft to our needs, our tastes and our uses.

And lastly, to share this exciting human adventure with as many people as possible. So that Moroccan savoir-faire can shine a little more brightly.




The energy and colours emanating from the bustling streets of Marrakech along with the authenticity of Berber traditions are an obvious source of inspiration for our Brand.

The lighting in this city at all hours of the day is like nowhere else...

Since my first Berber rugs I found in the souk in 2016, I have never ceased to be inspired by my daily encounters with people, but also, and above all, by the natural materials, often raw, with organic tones.

Zellige, wool, marble, earth, wood... so many tones and materials that have made me want to push the creative process further.

In order to never distort the creative force of these crafts, it was obvious to me that the production should take place in Morocco. Therefore, I decided to establish our ateliers in the red city, the epicentre of a meeting between the generosity of remarkable art and the emulation of modern creativity.

A rich and often fascinating journey between two continents.

That's why each product is named after a detail linked to this story. A nod to the people I met, to the inspiring places, but above all to the persons who accompanied me in this project.

Éditions Vétiver is the diary of a shared journey!





The homage of our project to its adoptive country relies on the sobriety of a clean-lined style.


Playing with the simplicity of our aesthetic allows us to underline and sublimate the strength of the raw materials and the local savoir-faire and without ever altering it.


We are committed to maintaining this creative exchange through our collections...